Mudders, Crawlers, Off-Road Enthusiasts or farm machinery.

Jeep, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Land Rover or farm tractor.

Super Winch, Mile Marker, Warn, Ramsey, Smitty Bilt, Summit Racing, Bull Dog, Moto Alliance, Pro Mark, Black Mountain, Chicago Electric/ Harbor Freight or Rotzler

Synthetic line has far exceeded the use of air craft cable. With the production of synthetic fiber lines. Recovery lines have become Stronger, lighter and you will not (fish hook) yourself with a broken synthetic fiber rope strand.

Recovery Winch splicing and line replacement for your rig available.

Recovery line splicing originated with the sailors of the past. Yes, it all started with a sailor. With the necessity to haul ships sails, yards and so fourth. A proper line splice will give you maximum line breaking strength and a true connection that will last as long as the line itself.  You will get home!

At Argonaut Rigging we speak splicing and have love for an off road vehicle.

Your choice of terminus fitting Hook or Pro-Link.

 We understand that line gets chaffed. Once a chaff occurs line is thought to be replaced. With proper technique or end for end, in-line splicing and eye to eye splicing. We can make your recovery line last many more years. We can turn those short bits into small coil able extentions for you to shackle on if needed. New rope is offered, Keep in mind, Rope is rope, until it has a purpose. Then it becomes a line!  In this case, a recovery line.